Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Forever 21 faux leather leggings outfit

On the weekend, I wore this outfit to have a few drinks at Wings and go to Joey's for dessert.

Wilfred Chevalier blazer, Zara blouse, Forever 21 faux leather knit leggings and necklace, Jimmy Choo flats, and Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha bag

So I found my house keys! Turns out my friend had them. I usually keep her lanyard in my purse when we go out since she doesn't carry purses and I guess when I was giving her the lanyard one night after we parted ways, my set of keys clung onto hers. It was so funny. She was so confused as whose keys they were because she called my keys masculine - there's nothing girly on it or about them.

Here's the Forever 21 half faux leather and half knit leggings and my new Jimmy Choo flats. The leggings fit like a dream! The knit part is really thick! It looks more expensive that what it is. I'm so happy for finding them. Keep checking the Canadian Forever 21 site for them. They usually restock popular items.


  1. Oooh yay, I'll have to look for those leggings! Good to hear they're decent quality.

    P.S. Are your eyes totally healed now?

    xo, alison*elle

  2. I would jump on the leather leggings bandwagon too, if only I didn't have THUNDER THIGHS. :)
    Oh well, they look great and you wore them in the best way!

  3. alison*elle - it's been a 2 whole months and i see really good! i'm only down to two eyedrops: one drop of steroid a day and refresh eyedrops whenever i feel like my eyes are dry =). my did my one month check up and i can read the bottom line of the eye chart for my left eye. but i can't do that for my right at the moment.

    xoxoCat - crazy girl! i think you look fine. you can rock them =)

  4. those leggings/tights you got is AMAZING! i love the shiny material haha its so festive <3

  5. Wow! They look so good on you! I like that it has a little shine to it! xoxoxo

  6. Super cute! Love the sparkly top :)
    Bella xo

  7. Those leggings look amazing on you! I totally regret not buying them when I saw them on the F21 website! Gar! Keep rocking - you look amazing Kerri ♥

  8. omg i've been wanting to get that wilfred blazer for the longest time but kept debating cos it's soo thin and i always feel cold all the time.

    does the blazer keep you warm? :) the leggings look great btw!

  9. thanks pop champagne, fashion cappuccino, chic in vancity, lori and yini zuo =)

    yini zuo - the wilfred blazer isn't that warm =( great for summer nights and spring days. but that's abotu it if u want to wear it outside. unless u r going somewhere that's indoors and warm with a car ride - that should be okay.

  10. cool leggings. i like leather trousers.

  11. Cute outfit! I love your shinny blouse with the black! You look lovely! Hope your having a great weekend! :)



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