Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vancouver Fashion Week - Saturday Day 5

I went with Oh So Vonnie and Emi to Day 5 of VFW again. It's going to be a picture heavy post!

Me, Vonnie, and Emi

I finally got to meet Emi and she's such a sweet person! The 3 of us sat front row again with the media, buyers and VIPs. It was the perfect spot for better pictures yay! I only was able to watch 4 out of the 13 shows that day as well due to time constraints. If I was able to do VFW all over again, I would stay the entire day and watch all the shows from start to finish. I missed some really crazy dramatic runway shows.

The VIP card and awesome 5 day pass that included free cover to the after parties
(which I sadly didn't go to any).

The 4 designers I saw were: Jardin, Misu A Barbe by Misu Kim, Belinda Liu and Hachung Lee.

The collection by Jardin had a colour block and safari trend to all of the clothes. There were wooden tribal ankle bracelets and accessories on almost every model. The collection had an abundance of colour block chevron styled shift dresses or safari linen textured blouses, pants and jumpsuits.

Next up was Misu A Barbe by Misu Kim. This collection was very casual and had a nordic and tropical theme to it. I know it sounds very ironic but that was the theme in my opinion. It's cute how there were fruits and leaves incorporated as accessories.

Belinda Liu's collection was a collection that Vonnie was looking forward to. Her collection had lots of sheer shiney fabrics, paisley prints and teal colours.

Hachung Lee's collection was my favorite. It was all menswear. The show itself had great eerie piano electronic music in the background to set the mood. It was so interesting to watch the models walk somberly with their heads bowed low.

After that show ended, it was intermission. That's where I made my exit from VFW. But before I left, I bumped into a blogger who came all the way from Germany. We took some outfit photos together for her blog and ours as well.

Here's a break down of my outfit of the day. This picture of me below is from inside-collection's blog (her camera was better!).

Wilfred Chevalier blazer, no name lace tank, Urban Planet liquid leggings, Aldo shoes,
Chanel bag and Forever 21 necklace


  1. Hey beautiful.we got a nice picture!
    thanks very much and it was really nice meeting you too! love your page. xxanne

  2. I like the first collection. I've been to one a couple years ago. Do you know if these are up-and-coming designers from Vancouver? Lol I first thought they were students.

  3. Kerri that first photo is so good! I can't believe our first shot all of us looked good LOL. Totally stealing it :D

  4. and i also liked all you guys to my blogroll.maybe you could link mine too?


  5. anne - of course! i linked your blog on my favorites list

    vonnie - yeah i'll send it to your via fb

    cat - ohh i have no idea. i think they are known designers from all over the world. not sure lol.

  6. WOW you're so fast at posting the two VFW entries <3 So totally stealing that picture :D


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