Monday, November 14, 2011

Things I Want For or Before Christmas

Here are some items on my list for Christmas to remind myself what I'm getting myself if I don't receive one as a gift.

Talula Babaton Bromley Military coat in black $350 CAD. I need a long black wool coat. The Talula Babaton Howell peacoat is not long enough sometimes and my other long wool coat is a dark grey that is harder to match my bags and winter boots.

A pair of black Christian Louboutin pumps $675 CAD at least. I haven't decided on the style yet. I'll probably get the Yoyo, Ron Ron, or any other pump styles available at Holt Renfrew at the moment. I'll most likely buy it on Boxing Day if I don't get it before Christmas because I remember last year Holt Renfrew had no tax or 10% off before 10am.

Salvatore ferragamo black patent flats $415 CAD. I'll get these if I don't end up getting any Christian Louboutin pumps. I want these understated flats to wear with tights and shorts and a cardigan. Yes, I'm experimenting and changing up my style. My Tory Burch flats are too flashy to wear sometimes.

House of Harlow necklace in khaki or black $75 USD. I can't decide on which colour. Khaki is more unique and doesn't get "lost" in my black hair. But black matches with everything. I'll probably buy this for myself on Black Friday because I know Tobi will have a 30% off site wide sale and I'll price match it with Revolve Clothing.

7 for All Mankind "The Skinny" in feather weight $169 USD. I always wanted a faux leather look skinny jean and I love this particular line of 7FAM skinny jeans. I'll probably price match these with Revolve Clothing on Black Friday because I know Tobi will have a 30% off site wide sale.

These are the 5 key items I really want. Yes it's a small wish list. It's all about the quality, not quantity.

I'm surprised I didn't put a bag on this list. Then again, I'm trying to find the perfect black bag. I don't want a satchel bag so Balenciaga is out of the question (the price point is good though dammit).

I really want an everyday shoulder/hobo bag that is: black, leather and no monogram. Nothing really matches ALL my 3 characteristics I'm looking for and nothing really catches my eye that's within the low $2000 price range after tax.


  1. shoulder/hobo bag that is: black, leather and no monogram - marc by marc jacob!!

    does revolving clothing ship to canada?

  2. i have a marc by marc jacobs natasha black. i used to have the hillier hobo in black but i sold it. For some reason, it looks off on me when i wear it as a hobo. i think the hillier hobo bag isn't that big in general so on me i look like a giant wearing a small hobo bag LOL.


  3. also revolve clothing does ship to canada but just try to stay under $120 CAD so you don't get taxed 12% at the door. oh it's free shipping =)

  4. Hey Lady,

    You should try Alexander Wang although I know you have pretty classic taste. What about a Gucci hobo in black? They have lots of nice ones that are well priced, around $1200 USD.

    I have the wilfred jacket you posted. It's great!

  5. oops! i screwed up as well. even for my wish list trenchcoat i put wilfred instead of talula babaton in the post. i always mix those two up.

    ohhh i wanted an alexander wang rocco in grey or black. my bf thinks it's ugly -_- i never take his opinion anyways. the black is so nice but i was hoping for a bag that wasn't so edgy. it's gorgeous tho. it just sucks that i don't have a classic black shoulder bag. lol if you ever sell your chanel jumbo, im here lol.

  6. Careful of the Talula jacket Kerr. I bought one and hardly ever wore cuz of the buttons. The buttons were sharp enough to wear down the threading. Double check the jacket before you buy it :)

  7. Ooh, thanks for letting me know about the Boxing Day sale. :)

  8. hey no problem cat. i saw this last year so i assumed it be the same thing. i just forgot what it was. it was either 10% off or no tax..

  9. oh and there was 50% off sale shoes =)

    that's how i got $90 tory burch flats LOL


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