Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Suspender Tights Madness

Guess who ordered a bunch more of suspender tights? *guilty face*

They were all on sale on ASOS so go check it out if you like this style.

House of Holland suspender tights for £17

ASOS ribbed tights for £4.00

ASOS 3 bow suspender tights for £6.00

Gipsy Mock heart suspender tights for £6.00

I think I satisfied my cravings for suspender tights...


  1. Haha, you totally caught my suspender bug ;)

  2. I DID! thanks for introducing this to me! =D

    i think everyone on mallvibes caught the suspender tights bug after we modeled our outfits. yeah for being fashion forward before the masses. now we wait and see other suspender tight wearers.

  3. Awesome tights! I could buy so many style of tights i'd end up needing therapy! lol Love the first ones.
    Bella xo

  4. oohh cute! I haven't seen these before really, I will have to keep my eye out for them :)

  5. Hi there just wondering how long it took to ship the items u ordered from asos? Also did u have to pay duties? Thanks

  6. hey it took 2 weeks. i keep all my orders under $20 canadian and i've never been charged at the door. i usually separate my orders if it gets to a high amount


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