Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beauty Products I Regret Buying

There's a bunch of beauty products I regret buying. I either bought them because other people's reviews on them were great, they were marketed well or due to impulse.

1. EOS lip balms - $3 USD or $6 CAD

Okay, I admit the ball shaped sucked me it because it was cute and round. The lip balm itself was just okay. It wasn't all that hydrating at all. I really disliked the fact that it's not very hygienic. You twist the ball and the dome cap twists off to reveal an exposed ball of lip balm. Dust can easily stick to the lip balm. There's even dust caught in between the ridges of the lid where it closes. It just looks ugly after a while. The scent is alright. I bought the red one in summer fruit.

2. Make Up Forever HD microfinish powder - $30 USD

This setting powder didn't wow me. I thought it was just okay. I didn't see anything great about it. Since the powder is pure white, I have to be careful if I put too much or else my face is white. You don't use too much product at once so the 10g jar lasts a long time. I didn't see any difference in performance compared to the Bare Escentuals finishing powder. At least the Bare Escentuals finishing powder is a nude colour so you can't tell if you put too much and it's cheaper.

3. Maybelline Great Lash mascara - about $5 CAD

This mascara just sucks. I don't see what's to great about it. It clumps a lot for me and doesn't separate. Also the mascara always migrates to my lower lids and leaves me with raccoon eyes. Dislike!

4. Betsey Johnson perfume - about $40 CAD for 100ml (I think)

Just because the hand lotion version smells nice doesn't mean that the perfume smells nice. The perfume was such a strong old lady smell. The lotion smelled more floral than musky. I always thought perfumes and lotions smell the same if it's the same brand. I guess I was wrong

5. Bare Escentuals Prime Time primer in oil control - $22

This sucked so bad. It's the worst primer I have ever used. It's of a clear gel texture so when applied, it balls up when wet and it flakes off when it is dried. It looked like I had dead skin on my face. As a primer, I felt like it didn't do a good job increasing the longevity of my make up. This was a waste of money. I only bought it because it was associated with Bare Escentuals and I use their mineral foundation.

6. Almay eye liner - about $6 CAD (i think)

The tip of the eyeliner brush was so thick and not thin at all. The tip resembled a felt marker. It was hard to do the winged eye look with it since the ends would not be sharp enough.

Read about the beauty products I love to use on this post.


  1. I had the dos lip balm too. It sucked and I'll never get it again, even though it was 95% organic or something.

  2. yeah the idea of the ball was cute but i didn't really love it. it's still in my purse. i'm trying to use it up before i lose it - which ever one comes first lol

  3. That mascara I agree was HORRIBLE. Used it once and threw it away.

  4. omg me too vonnie! i don't get why some beauty bloggers really like it. it's crap.

  5. I have the EOS lip balm too. You're right it's not hydrating at all, but I like the smell of summer fruit :)

  6. Yeah, I really don't understand why that mascara is like #1 in America! I think it may be because we have asian lashes which, let's face it, sometimes don't work so well with the popular, commercial mascaras ;)

  7. Never tried Great Lash but I don't have to, to know how sh*tty it is. A mascara for $5 and THAT much crap marketing will never persuade me!

  8. Its difficult to find a good eye liner, I find so many of them are thick or are difficult to apply :s
    Bella xo

  9. Agreed on the great lash mascara and Almay eyeliner! I ran low one day and went to London Drugs and picked one up thinking that it would do but it was so bad that the next day I went out to get my usual Lancome one!

  10. Love these types of posts - its just as important to know what NOT to buy! Funny how the EOS lipbalms were so hyped - and now reviews are slowly coming in that they're not so good (I've seen disappointment on other blogs as well)! Wonder why they were so popular in the first place? I bought the sweet mint - it's ok - does nothing special but at least it doesn't irritate my lips.

  11. Great post! Found this really helpful!


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