Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Aldo Shoes Haul

I ordered 3 pairs of shoe off Aldo's website. I only spent $88 for 3 pairs of shoes. That's super cheap!!

The first one I had my eye on were these cute black suede mary janes peep toe pumps. I liked how the double ankle straps and the bow detailing makes it more unique. It's the perfect shoe for a night out dancing. They were only $38.49 from $110.

I needed another pair of nude leather flats because my basic leather Zara ones are slowly dying and becoming grey on its edges. I'm super picky with flats. Cheap flats can look tacky when the toe box area is fat and not sleek. So I hope these flats and the flower detail meets my expectations. If not, they are going back to the store. These were $20.99 from $60.00

Lastly, I bought these black pointy basic leather flats. I thought they be a great staple in my wardrobe. I hope they meet my expectations because pointy flats on a short girl can make my legs look stubby. These were about $24-27. I don't really remember since I bought the last pair in my size and the link disappeared.

Also, I used a 10% coupon code "review911015" (expires November 19, 2011) off my total purchase. Free shipping for purchases over $75 at the moment. I love shopping at Aldo's online website because if I don't like anything, I can just return it back to stores for a full refund.


Boo! The last 2 pairs of shoes were cancelled on my order because of no stock.


  1. I love those mary jane style heels! Super cute! Great purchases and sounds like you got a great deal for 3 pairs of shoes! Have a great weekend hun! xoxo

    Rosalia :)

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