Monday, November 7, 2011

Vancouver Fashion Week - Friday Day 4

I went to Vancouver Fashion Week! (warning: picture heavy post)

Oh So Vonnie invited me to go Vancouver Fashion Week with her. I had such a great time there watching the runway shows, getting front row seating, having refreshments in the VIP area, meeting the producer of VFW, chatting with the producer's right hand man during shows and getting a tour backstage. I would like to thank Emi for acquiring these tickets in the first place. Without her, I would have never had the privilege to experience Vancouver Fashion Week the way I did.

This is what I wore to Day 4 of VFW on the Friday.

Siren's blouse, Wilfred Cannes silk shorts, Walmart tights, Zara booties and Balenciaga bag

This week was super busy for me. I was stretching myself thin because my Friday and Saturday schedules were jam packed with lots of fun stuff like volunteering, badminton, VFW (of course!) and clubbing to name a few. At times, I had no idea how I was going to fit eating dinner into my schedule!

Inside the Masik studios. This was the ticketed entrance to the runway stage for VFW.

Backstage where all the beautiful artwork were and the media gathered around here to discuss buying and fashion.

The runway stage that can be seen from the upstairs VIP lounge.

My pictures for the first night were not that great for a crappy point and shoot camera. Since I was on a tight schedule, I only watched 4 out of the 10 shows that night. The shows I watched were: mortar & pestle apparel, Angeleye, Di Designs, and DW.

mortar & pestle apparel's collection consisted of jewel toned colours such as emerald greens, mustard yellows, rich navy blues and plum purples. This was my favorite designer out of the four designers I saw that day because the collection is very wearable. My pictures were horrible because I was in the second row and people's heads were in the way.

Angeleye's collection was next. The clothes were very wearable as well. Angeleye's collection accessorized their clothing with tassle earrings and necklaces. I learned from my mistakes and adjusted to my surroundings to take better photos.

Di Designs. I was given a VIP card and I moved seating area and got a better view of the show.

DW was the most entertaining to watch that night. One of the models sang about fashion week. The collection was very racy and incorporated lots of denim, faux leather, blind folds and black paint.

VFW on Friday was so fun! I will post about Vancouver Fashion Week - Saturday Day 6 tomorrow. I had an even better time and took better photos on Saturday!

Me and Vonnie at the show =)


  1. Great post! Nice to see highlights of the show.

    You and Vonnie both looked great :)

  2. thanks jasmine! your blog is awesome. i just became a follower of yours =)

    i thought my pictures for vfw was pretty crappy. the ones i'll upload tomorrow will be better =)

  3. Nice outfit! Cool shows!


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