Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pom Pom Ears Toque

So I went to Holt Renfrew to look for the Ferragamo flats but all there was left were huge sizes. There was nothing I really wanted for the sale so I guess I'll pass.

I've been sick since Monday. When I'm sick all I pretty much want to wear is a big jacket and UGG boots to go out. I bought this super cute pom pom ears toque from Forever 21 in late August. I decided to rock it since the weather is pretty cold now.

Le Chateau jacket, Siren's leggings, Forever 21 sweater toque, short chocolate UGGs, and Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha bag

My UGGs are not dirty in the photo; the mirror was dirty in the photo.

I've been making trips to Superstore as of late for snacks. I've been craving various treats since I've been sick. This is totally counter productive from all the hard work I've made by going to the gym. I have no energy for the gym this week because I'm not feeling so great.

I found a picture of Katy Perry online rocking the same style of pom pom toque as mine. It's going to be my winter staple this year because it's ridiculously cute and cheerful. It bobbles when I'm doing a shoulder check when I drive haha.

I bought a few more nail polishes that I want to swatch but my nails are so brittle lately since I've been wearing nail polish almost every day in the past month. My nails need a healthy break before I put new nail polish on them.

Also, I'll be going to Vancouver Fashion Week this Friday and Saturday with a few of my Vancouver Beauty & Lifestyle blogger friends. I'm so excited for a hectic but eventful weekend.


  1. You probably know this already, but there is a Ferragamo boutique outside the pacific centre Sears at Robson and Howe. I found my size there, and they can order it in for you too.

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  3. hey kerri! were you wearing a blue sweater with khaki pants today at aberdeen?

  4. hey sorry it wasn't me. i wasn't in richmond at all this weekend.

  5. Hi!
    Where did you get your uggs from, becasue I want some cheap but nice real uggs, but ever where I go there really expensive!


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