Saturday, November 26, 2011

Celebrity Outfit Inspirations

My fashion inspirations come from what celebrities are wearing and local bloggers. I find I can relate to local bloggers more for fashion tips. Nevertheless, here are some photos of cute outfits!

Chloe flats and Chloe bag. I love them both! Too bad the flats aren't sold anymore but they are gorgeous. I wouldn't spend the money on beige leather flats because I know I will scuff them badly. That style of bag is still for sale though. I kind of like.

Very me right? All black everything.

I'm really intrigued by Miley's Roberto Cavalli dress. It's sort of ugly but beautiful at the same time. I'd wear it.

I thought about getting a Balenciaga in this green colour called Militaire. But for a first Balenciaga bag, a neutral shade is a must before one diverges into seasonal colours.

I adore Kendall. She's super pretty. I like the Hello Kitty for Forever 21 sweater.

Love the neutral shade dresses.

I returned the white H&M furry vest because it was too big and a small would have fit better (but there was no smalls). Also I haven't been taking any self outfit photos in my room because I lost my digital camera charger.. ughh. Hopefully that won't be a reason for readers to lose interest in my blog. I have a few guy friends tell me that they read my blog as well. That's such a neat feeling that some guys give a care to read what I have to say...about fashion lol.

I bought a few cheap stuff here and there. I'll do another post of the stuff I accumulated (which I didn't feel like it deserved it's own post solely).


  1. Love Hilary Duff's militaire bag too - I saw it at Holts and if it came in the first size I would have bought it in a flash...but I think they only carried the city. It's such a perfect shade of green - would work so well with many outfits.

  2. I love the balenciaga in that green color but you're right... it's always easier sticking to black. It just sucks when your whole closet is shades of black!! I've been thinking about getting the balenciaga in the bright red to add more "color" to my wardrobe but I'm scared that I'll barely use it

  3. I think red would be a great addition if you are wearing lots of dark and neutral shades =) i think you should get a red bal!

  4. ella - i'm so opposite of you! i would definitely think twice if i saw the militaire colour in a city. i think a first is too small for me =(


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