Friday, September 16, 2011


I only have 2 watches that I use on rotation. I admit, I have that habit of checking my cell phone for the time even though I'm wearing a watch lol. I guess the watch is more like an accessory and I usually forget I'm wearing one.. so i guess that's why I always look at my cell phone.

This one is the Michael Kors Chronograph Watch in silver. It retails for $225 USD. I was debating whether to get the gold or silver version because they both look nice and classic. Then I stumbled on the silver one on sale for $130USD on Tobi so I had to get it and that was shopping fate! Love a good deal. I really adore this watch because it is sleek and I like the fact it's a bit on the heavy side (makes the watch have some substance to it! lol). I hate watches that have too much bling (rhinestones, crystals, etc) because it looks tacky and too girly. However, I wouldn't mind a fancy designer watch with real diamond bling on it. That's an entire different story. This watch is still in production and can be purchased at one of my favorite online stores: Tobi

This is my other watch. It's a Toywatch Plasteramic Watch in black. This is the basic one without any bling on it. I was contemplating to get the black or the white one. The white was is very nice, however, I feel like it's too "spring/summer" and the black is more "fall/winter". But since Vancouver is gloomy and rainy most of the time. I stuck with the black one. I like the black more because I gravitate to darker colours anyways and it compliments my overall dark/monochromatic style. This watch retails for $195 USD. This watch is very light compared to my other watch. I also bought this off Tobi.

I have friendship Toywatches with one of my good friends.
Way better than a friendship bracelet I may say =)

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