Monday, September 26, 2011

Nail Art - gold shimmer and white flowers

I was playing around with the new gold shimmer nail polish and the flower stickers. I never used these stickers before and when I took them out with my fingers, I ripped the sticker lol. They give you a stick to carefully take out the sticker and apply it to your nails.

The gold shimmer nail polish was a little bit gloopy than what I'm used to. The tip of the applicator is really thin. It makes it easier to apply each fleck of glitter better. I like how the handle is really long.

My first try at this shimmer nail polish. It dried really slow.

Then I added the sticker - which you can tell I ripped in half by accident. The silver jewel doesn't stay on the flower so you have to secure it with a clear top coat as well.

The finished product after 2 top coats. I found that it's cuter if you decorate 1-3 nails on each hand as opposed to all the nails to avoid looking tacky and too girly.


  1. that is waaayyy too cute! i want those stickers!

  2. Ooo that looks fantastic! I love stickers, but the combo of them plus glitter is super pretty!


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