Sunday, September 11, 2011

For the Love of Neutral Colours

Wilfred blouse, Forever 21 shorts, Zara flats, Balenciaga Giant City bag

Forever 21 jacket and tank, Mariposa leggings, Tory Burch flats, Balenciaga Giant City Bag

Yes, Finally! I have started a blog. Everyone has been telling me that I should do one since I post so much pictures about fashion on my Facebook anyways. I'm still getting the hang of this and I have decided to keep it a secret until I've had more posts and streamed line the layout. I'm still wondering if I should hide my face or not. I've recently got a popped blood vessel in my eye which left 25% of the white part in my right eye a bright bloody red. I doubt anyone would want to see that so I guess I'll hide my face for a while.

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