Friday, September 30, 2011

Lint Ball Shaver from Daiso

Remember this thing I bought from my Daiso Haul post? I used it and I love it! This little machine needs 2 AA batteries. There is a clear cap over the shaving unit for storage and safety.

I tried the Lint Ball Shaver on my Forever 21 knit leggings. I love these leggings because they had pockets on the back and asymmetrical stitching on the thighs and knees. After several wears, the knit material balled up with lint and it looked ugly so I forgot about them and haven't worn them since.

Close up of the lint balls prior to de-fuzzing.

Before (top) and after (bottom) picture. This shaver does a good job. It has never made any holes in my clothing so far.

Look at how much lint it collected! It's amazing and I couldn't stop poking at the big ball of lint after.

The lint balls collects a lot of dust as well. This picture is pretty gross. But this came from JUST doing these knit leggings. I've also used it on my Wilfred winter cashmere/wool coat and a pair of nylon leggings.

Overall, I am happy with my purchase and this is a great item.


  1. Sweet, another good thing to buy from Daiso :)

  2. Hello, great review~

    Which section in Daiso did you find this?
    I`ve looked in the Arts & Craftings/Sewing area, but I couldn't find it >__<;

  3. Hey. I found it in a really weird area. It was close to the cashier on the lower level sort of near beauty area.


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