Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Modern Tweed Jacket

Forever 21 jacket, Wilfred tank top, Citizen of Humanity jeggings, Zara flats, & Balenciaga Giant City

It's so humid in Vancouver these past 2 days. However, I'm in love with this tweed jacket I found at Forever 21. It's very Chanel-esque. The waterfall neckline gives the tweed jacket a modern look. The jacket can still be purchased in store and online here.

It's okay to mix and match different prints/fabrics

My only accessory for the day - a simple diamond heart necklace

Being silly in a sun visor hat hahaha. I should totally buy this for driving.


  1. That jacket looks pretty! I've been wanting a tweed jacket for the longest time, but I want something more classic, aka Chanel dupe, haha =P

    I went on the F21 site you linked up, and that jacket is paired with a shirt with JBieber's face on it... =/

  2. hahahaha i know! i would never pair it with a Bieber shirt. I think I saw something on the Zara website for the spring for a tweed jacket.

  3. LOLOL at the Chinese lady driving hat from Daiso!! I like your tweed blazer! I should really break mine out for fall :)

  4. can i ask how the sizing for jacket runs? is it on the tight/large sizing? does it run long? im 5'7" thanks!

  5. Hey the tweed jacket is on the smaller side because of the fabric - it isn't so stretchy. I have it in small and I could have gone a size up for a better fit. It's just in the size small, it's hard to give a hug lol. Since the jacket is open, I don't think it matters if you get a bigger size. I'm 5"4 for reference.


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