Friday, September 23, 2011

Chanel Temporary Tattoos

Last year I purchased the Chanel temporary tattoos. They were seen on the Chanel runway models and the trend got really popular. It got so popular that there were FAKES at the night market - ew! The Vancouver Chanel were completely sold out of them. So a friend of mine bought one in the States for $75 USD and we split the package. The package contained 5 sheets with a total of 55 designs.

These are pricey for temporary tattoos. However, I rationed it out. If I was to build a necklace or bracelet out of the tattoos, the cost would be equivalent to the price of a cheap necklace or a bracelet you would buy at Forever 21 for a night out anyways. I found that these tattoos last up to one week (if you are really careful and wash around the area). I wore them out when I went to the club or to a party. I was able to make some really nice tattoos out of them. I usually used about 3-5 pieces to make one tattoo.

Here are some ways I wore them last year:

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