Friday, September 23, 2011

Blogger Event and Outfit Photos

I have been invited to join the Vancouver Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger Event. It takes place on Tuesday, September 27th at Sanafir restaurant. The sponsors for the event are Marcelle, Annabelle, Artie Beauty & Cosmetics,, AmorePacific, Shi Nail, Vasanti, Kiehls, and more. I'm excited to go to interact with other bloggers and perhaps learn some tips from them. It should be a fun dinner! So far there are 15 confirmed bloggers attending. If you are a Vancouver blogger and you want to be included, please RSVP at the Vancouver Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger website. Many thanks to the creator of the website, Sheila at MaddyLoves, for including me in this. Hmm... what to wear? I have two outfits in mind for good weather and bad weather. Also, I'm not going to be happy because I have to wear glasses to this event because I'm going for laser eye surgery in about 2 weeks.

I found some more outfit photos I saved on my computer to tie you guys over.

Urban planet tee, AE scarf, Forever 21 cardigan and leggings, Zara flats, LV mini lin speedy

Forever 21 sweater and leggings, J brand Agnes jeans, Zara flats, and Balenciaga Giant City

I'm going to be looking for a tripod for my camera on the weekend. So... I can start taking some better outfit photos! - not just ones in store change rooms haha


  1. Oh Kerri you're getting your eyes done finally!! :) How did your consultation go? Good thing you're doing it in the Fall so it's not so bright outside! I was so light-sensitive when I got mine done in the middle of summer, ahaha.

  2. My consultation was great. However I had to pay that extra $250 for that tissue plate thing because my corneas are so thin and they just made the requirement for PRK. I was going to ask you, did it hurt when your epithelium grew back? Also, the sunglasses you wore. Did you wear ones that were polarized or have a really dark lens? I have these MBMJ aviators but it's like a brownish grey gradient tint. I'm not sure if I should buy a new pair of sunglasses for my recovery.

  3. I just did a bunch of consults for laser eye surgery but since I just started articling, I can't take the time off for recovery (since it's so long for PRK). Are you getting PRK or Lasik, and where?

    P.S. I'll see you at the blogger meet! :)

  4. I'm doing PRK at Coal Harbor Eye Center. I'm dreading the first few days of regrowing my epithelium because I heard it hurts. Yay! Can't wait for the blogger meet. Do you know what you want to wear? lol

  5. What's your prescription? One of the things I'm worried about with PRK is the pain because mine's super high and LASIK is not an option for me. I'll probably be wearing a suit since I'll be coming from work unfortunately!

  6. Yeah Lasik was not an option for me as well because of my prescription. Mine is about -4.74, -2.75. 180 for both eyes. I'm just typing what I see on my contacts box lol. the 180 is the astigmatism and i believe 180 is the highest so because of that, my eyes are really bad. Also, a suit is nice outfit to go from day to night =)


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