Sunday, September 25, 2011

List of Things I Want from H&M

I was bored so I was browsing the USA H&M website. I stumbled upon some items I want to buy. I think I'll drop by on Tuesday to try to find these items. I went last Friday and it was so busy in the change rooms. I had to resort to trying on a pair of shorts on top of my jeggings in front of a mirror - how ridiculous. All the prices are in USD but I'm sure the prices are either the same or close enough in CAD.
Long line printed blouse for $34.95
Blouse for $29.95
Blouse for $9.95 - I saw it in a rust colour in store but I did not like it
Faux leather/knit pants for $24.95
Knit headband for $4.95

Also, I heard you can get a H&M coupon through a magazine.
What magazine and where can I get this guys? Anyone know?


  1. LOVE the bow blouses. I was totally planning on getting it too! Is the price difference because there a material difference in the two colours?

  2. i'm not quite sure. i'll check for you on tuesday when i go. i plan to go to the lougheed location since it will be less busy. btw, do u wanna go down to the meet together?

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog Kerri! Love what you have done with yours! :)

    Also, great H&M picks! I have just recently become a more frequent shopper there. The bow blouse and the faux leather/knit pants are on my "to buy" list too! I'm just not sure how to style the pants though. Any tips? Perhaps it'd look cute with the bow blouse?

  4. Hey Victoria!

    I can't tell if there are pockets in the back of the pants or not. Because if there was, I would wear the bow blouse for sure. However, if there is no pockets, I would usually wear a longer top to cover my bum because I hate that "exposed" leggings with a short top look.

    It's usually a miss when I go into H&M. I hope we can both find our items. I'll keep you posted on the lougheed selection when I go on tuesday for the bow blouses and the leather pants.

  5. AHH! I love those blouses and the leggings. I'm stuck in Minneapolis right now so I'm going to go do a little shopping.... and look for those items if they have a HM here!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Ohh, those blouses really remind me of those $98 ones from Wilfred in Aritzia. they'd be a perfect alternative to it. Thanks Kerri :)

  7. yeah! although they may not be silk. i think they are polyester but good enough i guess. i hate dry cleaning silk stuff. i got a whole bunch in a bag that i'm still lazy and haven't brought to a dry cleaners LOL

  8. You looked SO pretty on that blouse!!! :)


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