Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nail Polish Collection

My nail polish collection is small and I plan to keep it that way. I never really was a fan of nail polish until recently. I don't like to buy expensive nail polishes because I don't think it's worth it.

I have a lot of nail polish from Joe fresh. I like the price point, the tiny bottle and the colour is quite rich. It's $10 for 3 bottles at Superstore.

Names: unknown - no name on the sticker, fuchsia, kiss, and nude

Names: storm, fig, seamist and iris

The iris colour is the colour of the Balenciaga bag I want. It's such a vibrant purple-blue. Overall, My favorites to wear at the Joe Fresh iris, Sally Hansen fairy nice (best shade of lilac), and Joe Fresh kiss. Below are some of my miscellaneous nail polishes.

Names: Forever 21 transparent, Rimmel french white nail tip liner, Sally Hansen fairy nice, LA colour - colour unknown because it doesn't say and OPI by Nicole - colour unknown as well.

I love using the Forever 21 transparent glitter polish on top of other nail polishes to give my nails multi-faceted rainbow shine on the tips or over the entire nail. I hate taking the glitter off though - such a pain. I have never really used my Rimmel french tip polish yet because I can never get clean lines on my right hand. Is there a sticker you can buy to apply over your nail so it can act as a guide for a clean french tip? I'm not sure if there is such thing but it sounds like there should be. Anyways, I just use this to draw flowers on my nails.

I'm currently wearing the Joe Fresh fig right now.


  1. How's the quality of the Joe Fresh top coat?

  2. I think it's a pretty standard quality top coat =)

  3. i love that blue! i was looking for a purpley/royal blue color nail polish, too!

    there are stickers you can buy to do french tips! i always used them. i got mine from london drugs - since its the closest to my house. but i'm sure you can find some at superstore or shoppers as well!


  4. oh really? thanks. i'll check london drugs and shoppers. i went to superstore last time and i just saw fake french nails that you stick on and no stickers =(

    i'm going to check daiso on the weekend as well for them =)

  5. Ooo the Joe Fresh polish packaging is so cute! How many coats do they usually take to get an opaque colour?

  6. hey i usually apply two coats and then the colour is really rich and solid. however for the seamist one (since it's more sheer - i have to apply 3 coats). yeah i love the packaging! so cute and simple =)


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