Friday, August 3, 2012

Black Crochet Shorts and Gucci Bag

Hey guys!  Sorry I went missing in action.  You be glad to know I didn't die.  I know I have been slacking lately but so much has been going on with me.  Aside from mini vacations, full time work, repercussions of an eye injury, a new boyfriend and being a gym rat.... I finally took some time to snap some photos to blog.  A beautiful sunny day is the best time to take photos in my room! 

I got these shorts from OASAP. I have a pair in beige that I adore.  The black ones are just as nice.  They cost about $30 and they are a good price compared to the Zara ones which look similar.  The only downfall is sometimes the seams come undone so I have to manually re-enforce them.

I have converted multiple of my blog friends like Initialed, xoxoCat, Style Rhapsody, Oh So Vonnie and more to these OASAP crochet shorts.  

I'm wearing:

OASAP shorts, T. Babaton bias cut silk tank, Forever 21 necklace, 
ALDO shoes, and Gucci bag.

I've got a slight tan due to Las Vegas and it's still lingering for the summer.  

I'll be selling some of my clothing and accessories on my blog.  
I'm selling the Gucci purse that's pictured with me. 

BUY MY GUCCI PURSE for $1000!  

It fits everything and the kitchen sink. it's NOT the cheapy basic gucci purses because it's the one with awesome studs. I think it's called the studded pelham bag. 9.5/10 condition. Authentic of course because I'm me. It retails for $1480 so it comes to $1650 after tax. I have the dust bag, the price tag, all the cards that came with it. Selling a pair of turquoise Christian Louboutin pumps soon and purple vernis Louis Vuitton bag because I want to buy a new purse before school starts.

Some fading and thinning at the crease which is very minimal

Metal magnetic snap closure and inner zippered pocket

The best part of the bag - the metal studs!

Inner tag

The paper work

If you have anymore questions, just leave me a comment.  Also, I'll be responding to your comments shortly to my other posts.  For some reason my left side photos have gone wonky.  I really need to get some assistance to make a banner with my blog name incorporating those photos.

Okay so a short life update.  

I've been working out pretty hardcore.  I run 5km after dinner and after work I go to the gym for one hour.  Let's just say I met someone who's super determined in terms of working out and it just makes me want to better myself as well.  I have had my gym membership at Steve Nash for almost one year now.  The lightest I have weighed was 122lbs last August and now I'm 130lbs (I'm 5"4 and a half).  Yes, it's depressing to know that I've got heavier in the past year and people don't believe me when I tell them how heavy I am.  After a while, I stopped caring about the number on the scale.  I'd like to think it's muscle I've gained.  I looked at some of my older blog photos and I have got more compact.  So girls, in the end... it doesn't matter what the scale says.  If you are healthy and happy - that's what matters.  

I was a "skinny-fat" person before... now I'm just a "toned" person.  I know I won't achieve those slim long chicken legs and probably won't weight 115lbs anymore because that's not in my genes.  I rather be curvy and healthy than flat and slim.  

Anyways, have a great long weekend readers!


  1. Cute shorts! ;) What's that next bag you're thinking of?

    1. Either YSL Cabas Chyc in black or Prada tote in black. Which one would you pick? I just need a black bag lol

    2. Of those two I would pick Prada :)

    3. Of those two I would pick Prada :)

  2. Yeup, the seams drive me batshit crazy because I still don't have a sewing machine yet (looking for one), I wish I got Zara ones for $60 now. Oh well.

    You should have a blog sale section where we can browse your stuff. :D

    1. I sew mine manually by needle and thread.. the ghetto way lol. Ohhh good idea about the sale section. Thanks!

  3. Congrats on the new workout life! That's pretty awesome that you are so dedicated and I totally agree with your fitness outlook; I haven't weighed myself in months and it feels good to let that little number dictate how feel about yourself

  4. Awww thanks. Every now and then I over eat and then I feel like all my work has gone to waste lol. But screw the number! yahhh!

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