Monday, August 6, 2012

My Favorite Things!

Some of my favorite things that belong to me...

My boyfriend .....and his extensive sneaker collection!  

This is one of his favorite shoes.  It's the Air Jordon 11 Concord.  I think I met my match when I found a guy who likes shopping and working out just as much as I do.  

My Chanel lambskin medium flap.  

It's one of the most iconic bags out there in the fashion world.  The classic flap will never be mistaken with any other brands.  Other brands may borrow the idea of it's quilted texture, woven straps double straps and kiss lock closure but it's not Chanel.  Almost every (fashionable) girl dreams to own a Chanel flap day.  I say go on and purchase it if you are living within your means.  

My YSL Arty ring in Love Pink

Sure every other girl and their dog has the turquoise, lapis and coral one... but I like to be a bit more unique.  The love pink one is a special edition ring made especially for Valentines Day 2012.  It has the word love handwritten and embossed on the back of the ring.  Yves Saint Laurent will be no longer YSL...since the brand has changed their name to Saint Laurent paris

My Zara gold sequin clutch

It may not be designer but it goes with anything and everything.  I got it for half off on Boxing Day 2011 since I had to stalk a girl who was holding onto the the last one for 30 minutes!  In the end, she abandoned the said clutch and decided not to buy it... that's when I went in like a vulture and scooped it up.  Best boxing day purchase ever.  Since then Zara made another sequin clutch with clear rainbow sequins but it doesn't compare to this gold one that looks like a blinding pot of gold.

My Alexander McQueen silk scarf in coral

Sure I could have easily purchased the black and white scarves but what would be the fun in things when an item isn't super exclusive?  I got the last coral scarf in the whole Holt Renfrew was fate.  

My Car

It gets me to point A and B even though I don't drive a lot.  I nicknamed it Lil Wayne because I'm random like that.  Sometimes I abandon this car and take a more economic car depending where I drive to.  

Christian Louboutin Iowa Zeppa

The most comfy 5 inch heels ever!  


  1. Great post! Love the Chanel!

  2. love this post kerri!! adored seeing some of your favorite things in your closet :)!!! your YSL love ring is such a gorgeous color!


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