Monday, August 6, 2012

Forever 21 Jewelry

I bought 2 necklaces, 1 bracelet and 1 ring from Forever 21 when I went to Las Vegas.

I'll model some of the pieces for you.  I love jewelry from Forever 21 because it's cheap and stylish as well.  It's my go to store for jewelry when I don't want to invest in something super trendy.

For bold statement jewelry, I'm a fan of gold pieces.  The colour gold warms up an outfit compared to silver.  I find that gold looks better with people who have an olive complexion and people who are more pale look better with silver.  The necklace was $10.80 USD.

The colour mint is so trendy at the moment.  Perfect against cream, greys and hot pink outfits.  The necklace was $9.80 USD.

I love the sky blue oval ring because it reminds me of the ocean.  It's a little too big for my personal preference but the colour is just mesmerizing.  The ring was $5.80 USD and the bracelet was $6.80 USD.  The nail polish I'm wearing is from Joe Fresh in Iris $4 (or 3 nail polish for $10) and the white flower stickers cost $2 and were from Daiso.  

Since the inventory of Forever 21 is constantly changing, it is difficult to link stock photos of these pieces.  So my apologies for no retail links. 


  1. Nice jewelry! Nice nails too!

  2. Love that second necklace, Kerri! BTW, what happened after your eye injury? Do you have to get PRK again or did it heal?

    xo, alison*elle

    1. thanks! it's very spike the punch like.

      i have to get PRK surgery again :(

  3. Yeup, you're right about the gold, I love gold jewelry. I think it looks good on Asian skin in particular. I tend to prefer gold hardware on my bags too.

    1. me too about the gold hardware on bags!

      depending on the colour of the bag, silver works better but that's rare :)


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