Friday, August 31, 2012

My New Prada Tote

You guys know I've always wanted a Prada tote from way back.  I even made a post about it here and here.  I was never in a rush to get it but I knew I'll get it eventually.

School is almost starting and I thought I needed one last treat before I become a frugal student.  This time around I'll be paying for school so I'll have less disposable income for pretty things.  I always neglected to purchase a staple: a classic black bag.  Every time I see a beautiful bag, I always stray from  it in the colour black for some reason.  The only black bags I have are: a MBMJ Natasha cross body bag or a Chanel lambskin medium flap - which are horrible everyday classic bags.  They are either too small, too dressy, not durable, or too casual.

I walked into Holt Renfrew one night just before closing and decided I wanted something Prada.  I initially intended to purchase a Prada wallet to replace my Louis Vuitton vernis zippy wallet in rouge fauviste that I lost in Las Vegas (so sad!).  But then, I saw the beautiful Prada saffiano tote bags in all different sizes and colours.  I saw one beautiful double zip taupe one with a strap but it wasn't it black.  It was everything I hoped for, but the colour was wrong.  The Prada sales associate told me if I was serious, that he would do a store transfer from Toronto (because they had 7 of them!).  This bag in this colour and in this size was highly coveted.  I was serious about it.  So after giving my credit card info, the bag would be delivered in one week. 

So here it is!

It's the Prada BN 2274 tote.  The one you see in Mission Impossible 4 where the blonde villian puts the stolen diamonds in her purse.  

picture from the Google images 

These are the measurements for the bag.  
picture from the official Prada website

It is called the medium tote with a strap technically since Prada bags don't really have actual names and just codes.  The colour black is called Nero.  

The leather is saffiano - it is a textured leather that's very durable and has a unique shine to it.  It comes with a detachable shoulder strap as well.  There are two zippered compartments and one open compartment.  There's more slots and another zippered portion as well within the opened compartment.  Basically, there's lots of compartments for this bag.  It was $1810 Canadian.  It's also $1810 USD so the price difference isn't much for Prada at the moment.  I suggest buying it in Canada.  Also, the paper bag and the box it came in was huge!  The box is very thick and leathery feeling.   

My friends and I decided to take some photos one day with their DSLR and I got some blog photos during the process.  Thanks to my friend Vanessa S. for taking these photos for me.

Outfit of the day consists of:

Zara skinnys in mint, T. Babaton Finley blouse in cabernet, Aldo shoes (that broke on me), YSL arty ring in love pink, Chloe sunglasses and Prada tote.

With my favorite ring :)

Another way to wear the bag

My Forever 21 necklace in mint!  Totally forgot about this.  

Oh god, I've gotten so tan that my foundation doesn't exactly match my skin tone anymore.  Time to buy a new foundation unfortunately.  

With some of my friends

I hope everyone is going to have an enjoyable long weekend!  I intended to go to Kelowna but the plans with the accommodation we were staying at fell threw.  So the back up plan?  I'm going to Portland!  Good old Portland, home of great eats and shopping.  

Also, my blog is going to hit it's 1 year Anniversary on September 11, 2012.  I know, what an ominous day.  I'm considering doing a blog giveway to celebrate this event soon.  So keep your eyes open.  I can't believe it's almost been one year since I started this little hobby.  


  1. I love your new Prada, Kerri! I have been eyeing the Saffiano tote for ages though in a different colour... might have to bite the bullet soon!

    xo, alison*elle

  2. bite the bullet! it's so worth it! totally a great professional tote bag for your area of work :) what colour did you want? i saw it in argilla (taupe) or the blush pink one and holy moly it was gorgeous but i NEEDED a black bag since i lacked one lol.

  3. Love this bag! I love the size as it's not too big. Also great outfit with the burgundy and mint colour combo. :)

  4. Haha saw a girl with this bag (in black) at the driving test center at all places when I was getting my full license. Knew I had to have it, just bought it in taupe!

  5. OMG THAT'S THE BAG I WANT! Sorry I had to caps lock it :p

    My coworker just ordered the one that's not a zip and it's just the most gorg bag ever. The ones with the zipper are much better and I'm sure it will serve you very well for years to come. It looks so good on you! Enjoy it!

    1. thanks! i love it! it's the perfect size. i had to get the zippered one though :)

  6. Ooo I love that bag! It's the perfect size for throwing everything and more into. Does it fit a laptop or ipad?

    1. hey it does fit a 13" macbook pro (with sides open) and an ipad (with sides open or not open) in there.

  7. I love that bag so much - it's so timeless and classic, it will never go out of style! I seriously plan on getting the tan one if I ever go back to work (once my kiddies are a bit older). You made the perfect choice!

    Out of curiosity - how structured is it? Does it hold it's shape easily like a Birkin? I used to think the Celine luggage bag was quite structured but in recent pictures a lot of them seem to be getting floppy with use :-( I hope the Prada Saffiano tote isn't like that.

    1. it's pretty structured. i think the double zipped tote are more structured than the one with the open top. however, my back side of the tote dimples sometimes but rarely the front.

  8. what do you think about Cameo? Is it a good classic color?

    1. love it! it's a good neutral. but have you seen argilla? i think that one is a pretty as well for a nice neutral :)

  9. Hi! I just bought the same bag but i do not know how to care of it? Do you know any tips?


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