Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreens Review

I was gifted five bottles of Hawaiian Tropic sunscreens in various spectrums of SPF to test.  I was sent these sunscreens a while back in May but the Vancouver weather didn't allow me to properly test these products.

So the first week of July came around and the weather was fantastic in Vancouver!  It was the first official weekend of hot temperatures in Vancouver (It was going to be about 24 degrees Celsius that weekend).  However, that was the weekend that I went to Las Vegas for 40 degrees Celsius weather!  I could really optimize the use of these sunscreens.  I went to Las Vegas for a bachelorette party with 15 girls.  We went to some pool parties in the day and I had my friends use the Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreens and they gave me some feedback as well.  I couldn't possibly use all of these bottles by myself!  

Hawaiian Tropic introduced the new line hydrating sunscreens (Silk Hydration, Sheer Touch and Shimmer Effect) because they acknowledged that being under the sun can really dry out your skin.  

I was sent:

- Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch oil-free sunscreen in SPF 85
- Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect oil-free sunscreen in SPF 30
- Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration oil-free sunscreen in SPF 10, 30 and 50 (12 hour moisture)

My friends and I used the Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch in SPF 85 the most because we were in the blazing heat of Las Vegas and we needed all the SPF we can get.  I did not get a sunburn at all even though I was splashing in the pool and failed at a bikini contest.

I avoided buying sunscreens in the bottle because from previous experience, the texture of the drugstore brand sunscreens were extremely thick and left a greasy film over your body.  They were a chore to put on.  So then I started to use the spray on sunscreens.  They were okay but I didn't feel like they were that effective in terms of coverage.

The new Hawaiian Tropic sunscreens have changed my mind about bottled sunscreen.  

Some of my thoughts

- All of these sunscreens are labeled oil-free and they honestly feel light and oil-free
- Great price point at $10-12 a bottle for 180-240mL
- I love how there is a very mild coconut fragrance (not super overpowering like other brands)
- Feels like you are applying lotion to your body because it is super hydrating
- All have UVA and UVB sun protection 
- Shimmer Effect sunscreen have mica minerals to give your skin a subtle glow

I really enjoyed using these products.  
Thank you Paradigm PR for letting me review such a great product.  

Some pictures of Las Vegas pool parties!

A stranger was fascinated with my fobby sun hat


  1. Thanks for this great review! I always find sunscreens so sticky and I hate it! I want to try these out now!


  2. Did you stay at Planet Hollywood? I think I recognize that pool! I stayed there in May for a stagette too. Thanks for the review, I'm always looking for new sunscreens so I may give this one a try!


    1. Yeah I did.. well sort of. I stayed at Elara which is the old PH towers that was bought by Hilton.

  3. Great review! I miss Vegas!

  4. I'm considering going to Vegas - you must do a vacation post soon!

    1. I wish. The bride to be is really strict on the bachlorette photos leaking out so I can't post any really except the ones with myself pretty much lol... which aren't many

  5. Nice pictures from Vegas! Love your bathing suits! Hope you had a good time in Vegas!


  6. thanks for the review! i hate sticky sunscreen def gona try it out!! looks like you had lots of fun at vegas!

    random question. i remember you getting a house of harlow necklace awhile ago. . which website did you get it from and how was the shipping? Thank you!

    1. Hey I got the HoH necklace off revolve clothing and it was about $75USD but I had a 20% coupon code at the moment. Shipping form revolve is free :)


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