Friday, April 13, 2012


This is not going to be a post about fashion.. but more on my thoughts about relationships: what I've learned from being in them and what I learned from other people's relationships.  

Disclaimer:  These are my opinions generated from my experiences so they may not be on par with yours 

1) Opposites Don't Attract
It may seem like a fun and adventurous idea at first to combine two people with different lifestyles, personalities and hobbies together but it honestly doesn't work out in the end.  In the beginning, it will be exciting because you will learn and do so many new things but that excitement will eventually dwindle down.  Why? because you need similarities as a backbone....Similarities in terms of personality specifically.  

2) Let's Remain Friends
If you were never friends with your ex to begin with, you most likely won't be friends after you break up. 

3) Family 
I know family shouldn't play a factor in a relationship but it does for me.  I find that when you date your significant other, you date their family as well.  If I ever picture myself joining a family that has a lack of emotional support, financial support, and too many problems... I will be hesitant about our future.  I need my future boyfriend's parents to love me and support me on the same level as my own family.  The approval of my parents is really important to me as well

4) When In Doubt
If you fall in love with two people at the same time, pick the second one.  If you really loved the first person, you wouldn't be thinking about the second.  

5) Self Discovery
When you date someone, not only do you get to know more about them.. but you discover more about yourself.  You realize that you may not like certain things that you thought you enjoyed.  Sometimes you may change into a different person during the process but that's okay because that is when you realize your true self.  

6) Two Important Parts
Your significant other should be: 1) your best friend and 2) have the qualities of a future husband or wife.  You won't discover the 2nd half until you've dated for a while.  This is what my perfect combination is.

7) Your First Date
It should be easy and natural.  The connection should be effortless.  Awesome dates don't have awkward silences.  If your first date is awkward, then don't go on a second one.  
Sidenote: the best relationships have comfortable silences.. where they know what you are thinking and that you enjoy their company with the absence of words.   

8) Poker Face
Never threaten something you don't mean.  Sometimes your other half will call you out on your bluff and you just dug yourself a bottomless hole.  

9) The Other Two Important Parts
Chemistry and Timing - both have to occur at the same time for both parties.  The universe is cruel when it throws us various combinations of this.  However, when the stars do align - act on it.  The worst mistake you can make is being afraid to make one.  

10) Just Because
Don't date someone for the sake of dating them.  Don't fill that void with someone satisfactory.  Date the person because they are amazeballs and they are pretty much everything you are looking for. 

What do you think readers?  Any more good life lessons about relationships and opinions you would like to add? 

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  1. Great points! I wholeheartedly agree with the concept of opposites NOT attracting. If you're not on the same emotional and mental wavelength and have nothing in common, it'll never work. No relationship can depend on "love" alone; that concept actually doesn't exist.

    1. yeah! just love doesn't cut it nowadays...people who think like that are just in denial of their other problems....or they just think life is like the movies lol.

  2. I agree with a lot of your points, especially #3. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey, definitely agree with most of your post.

    In my experience I've had a lot of self discovery by going outside of my comfort zone. That has had me go out of my social circle in search of love/lust. I am a better person now because of that and I've become the person I've always wanted to be :)

    Hope you are willing to try something new, which doesn't mean different. Maybe you'll meet that guy that almost got hit by a bus and is running late ;)hope you can forgive him!

    1. I'm glad going out of your comfort zone worked out in your favor =)

      I'm definitely willing to try something new (and you are right, new doesn't need to be necessarily different... maybe it could be something you never considered before). Awwww... I'm hoping to meet that guy that almost got hit by a bus and is running late to meet me <3

  4. Definitely agree with #1. I could never date someone that constantly goes clubbing on the weekends, parties all the time, etc. (like a lot of friends I know) cuz I'm a real home-body.

    Ugh and it makes me want to vomit when people say that love can solve everything. =S

    1. yeah! those people are so annoying and they probably fight about the same thing over and over and it never get resolved lol. but they stay because they 'love' eachother... aka...spent too much time invested in each other to have the guts to call it quits.

  5. Amazing post Kerri! I loved reading every bit of it. I never thought about #4 and must say that it really does make sense and sort of slap me in the face. I was in that situation, but ended up staying with the first rather than going with the second...and now I am always catchign myself thinking "what ifs" (horrible i know!)!

    1. you can always try to get the second one in the future. you never know =)


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