Sunday, April 1, 2012

Green with Envy

I put together this cute outfit for last night.  My friends and I went to a club on Granville street to celebrate a birthday.  It was a fun night and I had to force myself to leave early since I worked at 8am the next day. Boo.   

I tried curling my hair with my KQC-X heat straightener since my cheapo Conair sucks.  I need more practice using a straightener for curling hair.  My left side curls are nicer than my right side.  The only thing I don't like about using a straightener to curl is that I can't get big and voluminous curls.

What I'm wearing:

Forever 21 shorts, H&M blouse, Christian Louboutin Iowa Zeppa and Zara clutch.

I switched shoes to go to the club because I didn't want to scuff them while dancing. 

I love this clutch so much.  It really upgrades an outfit.  I wrecked some of the sequins from my last intoxicated escapade.  I went to Michaels and I bought some sequins and sewed them back on.  Baby is like new again.  Just a friendly reminder, never wear crochet, silk and a sequin clutch all together in one outfit.  It may look beautiful but several clothing items will be ruined. 


  1. Aw, too bad you couldn't wear the Louboutins to the club, they're so hot!

    1. yeah! they would be so hot at the club but knowing me and dancing....not a great combo lol. do you wear yours out to go dancing?

  2. Cute outfit! Those shorts are a fantastic colour!

  3. Oh I would never wear Louboutins to a club either! I like seeing you wear colour Kerri, you look good in it!



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