Friday, April 13, 2012

Blue Pants on a Sunny Day

So I bought these blue cropped pants at Suzy Shier the other day.  They are very similar to my orange-red pants from there (this post).  The only difference is the blue pants don't have any zippers but the red-orange pants have a zipper and hinge closure. 

I was initially going to purchase the T. Babaton Elliot pants in blue for $95 because I couldn't find any other pant like it in terms of fabric and colour.  But I was lucky to stumble upon these pants.  The price is amazing at $20.  It's a good alternative. They size big as well like the orange-red pants.  I'm wearing the pants in extra small, which is weird because my waist is size 26.   

Forever 21 purse and blouse, Suzy Shier pants, and Zara flats

Wow, my blouse looks super wrinkly in my photos.  I steamed it beforehand as

Did you guys notice anything different?  

It was such a nice and sunny day.  I didn't even have to wear a jacket.

Like my Chloe sunglasses?  I think they are super awesome and unique.  
I almost want those funky Prada loopy sunglasses as well. 


  1. I love your sunglasses! They are the perfect oversize and look so good with your face shape.

  2. aww those pants look awesome, but they don't have anything smaller than xs =(

    love the sunglasses btw!

    1. yeah they may be baggy on you if you are smaller than a size 26 waist. but it doesn't hurt to try them on! maybe u'll love them too.

  3. you got a haircut! Love the pants though, just for a reference how tall are you?

  4. yeah! i chopped 4 inches off. it's the shortest i ever had my hair in a while... i had this length maybe in elementary school lol. I'm not that tall. I'm 5"4 and a half.

  5. love the cobalt blue jeans! xx

  6. Love the pop of color your jeans give the outfit!


  7. Those pants are a great colour!

  8. Your hair looks great - the length certainly suits you.


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