Monday, April 23, 2012

Pet Peeves for Fashion and Blog

My thoughts on relationships was well received so I decided to do another word vomit post... but this time on the topic of my pet peeves about fashion and blogging.  

As again, these are just my thoughts.   You may agree, you may not.  

1.  I'm Following You
I hate when bloggers leave a comment about how much they like your blog and that they are following you so then you should do the same for them.  Upon some investigation, you find out they are not following you and that they lied because they are just greedy for followers.  Sorry, I'm not following you.

2.  Vagueness
Have you ever came across those fashion blogs... where the blogger just write a bunch of confusing and vague jibberish about themselves or their life (talking like Confucius) right after some outfit photos?  Yeah, I don't get that.  Why can't you just be more transparent?  If you don't necessarily want to broadcast what you are feeling in detail, you might as well not type all that emotional blurb in the first place.  From an outsider's point of view, I just conclude that this blogger is probably an emotionally frustrated hipster.

3. Crappy Photos
Okay okay, I know that my photos aren't the best either.  I don't have a DSLR camera nor have a scenic background in all of my outfit photos.  But I absolutely hate blurry outfit photos that are taken from a reflection of a poorly lit, small, cramped and dirty bedroom mirror.  It makes me lose interest.  

4. Haters
When you are generating a decent amount of viewers and have a stable fan base, that's when you acquire some undesirable viewers.  The majority of the time, these people (who you probably never met) have too much time on their hands.  They see that you are doing something you enjoy and want to bring you down for their entertainment.  What's the point of making a mean comment?  Yes, your comment hurt me so much that I'm going to go in the corner of my room and cry *sarcasm.  When in actuality, I'm thinking about all the amazing things I am blessed to have in my life, the people who love me to death and all my priceless experiences I have had.  

Okay and now focusing on fashion

5. Fancy Earrings and Running Shoes
Why would any self respecting female wear chandelier earrings and runners?  You are not doing "dressy casual" correctly.  These two items do not belong together.  You can't dress up runners period.  

6. Too Much Jewelry
When you have more than 4 of these: watch, rings, bracelets, stacked up on one arm.  You look like a gypsy.  

7.  Unnecessary Belting
A belt to accentuate a plain shift dress or a dress that needs some waist definition is fine.  I draw the line at belting cardigans and blazers.  I find it odd to belt clothing items that already have buttons.  I see no reason to belt a blazer (that is slim fitting, which all blazers should be).  It has buttons already to accentuate the waistline.  You don't need anymore help.  It's sort of how males don't need to wear a belt if they have suspenders on or vice versa.  I dislike the belting of cardigans and vests (that are slim fitting).  I won't totally give you the evil eye if you belt your buttonless cardigan or flowly vest.  

8. Colour blocking Gone Wrong
Max 2 bright colours in one outfit.  Go over board and you either look like a fob or a clown. 

9. Diffusion lines
No you don't have a Marc Jacobs bag, you have a Marc By Marc Jacobs bag.  The difference is at least $1000.  

10. I'm "Saving Up" For It
I don't think one should make it a chore to "save up" for a fashion accessory.  I feel like if you are financially stable and know that a certain purchase won't make a big dent in your bank account, by all means.. buy that Chanel flap right then and there.  However, if you are a student, working part time, having student loans to pay off, have car insurance payments, rent payments, etc... you probably shouldn't be thinking about buying anything extravagant for fashion.  It's not the right time.  There are more important priorities.  

Do any of you have any pet peeves in regards to blogging and fashion as well?  


  1. I I loved that post on top places to advertise, and I'm glad you linked to it again, so I could have both resources in one book mark

  2. I completely agree about the earrings and sneakers thing. Have you seen high-heeled sneakers? Some items are simply NOT meant to be dressed up.

  3. The unnecessary belting really drives me crazy. Belting a blazer is just too much - or a sweater, unless it is specifically made for a belt. I also don't like all the color blocking this season, some of it is enough to make you dizzy.

    1. I know right?! if the sweater doesn't need to be belted at all... don't belt it please. Sometimes I feel like people throw belts on everything for the hell of it.

      I'm impartial to colour blocking. I'll only like it if it's done tastefully. But not it's an eye sore.... lol

  4. haha, I love this and your honesty is refreshing and it's also great to read your feedback because it's very true. I had to laugh about your gypsy observation. I always feel like I need to add more because it's so popular right now. And yes, you're right about mean comments, hating is so unnecessary. Great post and such good tips!


  5. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.


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