Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is this month and I'm super excited.  I've got lots of dinner and brunch plans with different people starting one week before my actual birthday and the festivities run until one week after my birthday.  In addition, I'm having dinner with my ex on my actual birthday and one of my girl friends is taking me down to the states for a shopping day trip a few days.  Then the real celebration will be happening one week late because two very important people will be gone on my actual birthday: my best girl friend is going to LA and my best guy friend is going to HK.

So that's technically I have 3 weekends of birthday celebrations! Yes. I'm a happy camper. 

I've made sort of a Birthday Wish List.  I call it a "sort of" wish list because these are things I'd be buying for myself regardless if I get any of them or not.  I hate calling it a "wish list" because, for me; a wish list should involve things that one fantasizes to obtain.  These items on the list are actually not very difficult to get a hold of.

1. Kenneth Jay Lane turquoise stick necklace - $70 USD
2. Karen Walker number one crazy tort sunglasses - $220 USD
3. YSL arty ovale ring in cobalt - $290 USD
4. Alexander McQueen scarf in black with white skulls - $295 USD
5. Christian Louboutin Piou Piou 85mm pumps in nude - $645 USD


  1. Love those sunglasses! Your bday sounds like it will be so fun!

    1. Thanks T. I'm already looking forward to it. It's my girl friends birthday weekend this week and it will be very fun as well. The month of may seems awesome. Can't wait till our next get together!

  2. I've been eying that Kenneth Jay Lane necklace for a while. So pretty!

  3. it's so fashionable but im not sure if it's worth $70 lol.

  4. happy early birthday! hooray for may babies :)

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