Saturday, May 5, 2012

Monochromatic Outfits Are The Best

I went to a friends birthday dinner at Indochine last night.  The food that they serve is the same food at Phnom Pehn so you get the butter beef carpaccio and the lime pepper chicken wings!  This place is pretty busy on the weekends because it's a great place to have some drinks as well.  It's such a hard time finding a place that offers drinks and really good food for a lounge.  

What I wore:

OASAP crochet shorts, Forever 21 necklace and blouse (old), 
and Christian Louboutin Iowa Zeppa 120mm (old).

The necklace was about $8, blouse was $16.50, and the shorts were given to me by OASAP.  So it was a very cheap outfit.  I like to mix high and lower end items together.  The shoes and the purse (Chanel flap not pictured) puts a nice touch to a thrifty outfit. 

Butter Beef.  I know it looks scary because some parts are raw but it's so tasty.

Chicken Salad

A personal meal with lemon grass chicken skewers.  We got the lime pepper chicken wings as well but I was so hungry that I forgot to a photo of it.  

After my friends and I went to a park to hit a piniata - Random I know haha.  Then we sang karaoke until the wee hours and had some late night eats.  Needless to say, I didn't get home until the sun came up and the birds were chirping.  But it was a good night.


  1. Cute outfit! Nice shorts! ;)

  2. hey kerri,
    I messaged you on facebook but got no reply. Just trying to get an update on the shipping status of the watch.


    1. Hey! sorry, i've been really busy lately. I plan to mail it on Friday.


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