Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What's New?

Hello dear followers!

My apologizes for not making any creative posts at the moment within the new year.  I do have a Valentine's day post coming up soon with some beautiful jewelry pieces.  So stay tuned to that.

Ever since I switched back to an Iphone with the 5 came out in October last year, I have been using Instagram more.  It's just the lazy way of doing some outfit posts.  If you have Instagram, follow me at Kerribabe18 and let me know you are a follower and I'll follow you back.  I love to keep in contact with my followers because we usually have the same interests.

The absence of working out from October 2012 - December 2012.  
But I kept a fairly clean diet so it helped a little. This is 'square one' for January 2013

This is about 2-3 weeks after that first picture.  Getting it back slowly but still far from my ideal goal. 
 Little steps amount to big changes!

What have I been doing lately? Getting fit! I was never fat nor skinny as a child - just average size. I've been eating a cleaner diet (I've cut out Chinese dinners) for all my meals from Sunday to Thursday.  I only have 2 cheat meals on Friday and Saturday each.  I barely eat any simple carbs like rice, bread, noodles etc.  I found this helped me get more toned.  You will notice a ton of food pictures on my Instagram haha.  This has been my progress so far.  I still have a long way to go.  My biggest problem area are my thighs.  They were always big as a child and they are still the same now.  Surprisingly, the ab area hasn't been too difficult to progress from since genetics was fairly kind to me (in only that department).  The greatest problem areas for women are always the tummy and thighs for obvious reasons (i.e ideal child bearing qualities).

What my meals have been looking like...

I always make too much food. I could barely wrap this one. 
My problem is usually portion control haha. 

I go to the gym about 5-6 times a week since the new year.  That was my average attendance rate during the summer of 2012 so I'm not one of those New Years Resolution people you see at the gym.  I have a body fat percentage of 20.9% now which is better than an average girl but not quite within the athletic range of ~15-18% and not even near the competition level at 12-15%.  I just want to be at 15%.  Working out is easy but the hard part is the diet.  You know what they say: 20% is working out and 80% is all diet.  I usually do 1 hour strength training and then 20 mins cardio (1 min walk at level 3, 30 second sprint at 9.2, and with an incline at 3.5).  Sprinting is way better for you than a constant easy jog at a 6.5 level.  

So I caved in and ate some bread (whole wheat at least..) 
because I had to nurse my stomach from alcohol the night before. 

I haven't bought anything extravagant lately since I only work once a week and my playing around money usually goes towards food or alcohol.  Oh yeah, speaking of alcohol... I honestly don't find the same enjoyment as I did before.  I sort of resent every time I go out to drink with my friends.  It's making me feel like I'm taking 2 steps back with my healthy lifestyle.  With the same amount of empty calories 5 shots of vodka would give me.. I rather spend those empty calories on a delicious belgian waffle.  

What my school and work lunches look like. Lots of colour! 

My green smoothies: kale, spinach, blueberries, half a banana and some almond milk with hemp and flax seeds.

On second thought, I did buy a Prada wallet right after Christmas.  I bought the zip around wallet in the saffiano leather in the colour Cammeo.  It's a beautiful pinky nude colour.  It's very timeless and I'm happy with it.  It was to replace my beautiful Louis Vuitton vernis zippy coin purse wallet in rouge fauviste that I lost in XS in Las Vegas in the summer.  I remember that night.. I thought to myself that all I wanted was my wallet back and I hoped whoever found it thought my wallet was a fake.  But with the amount of US cash I had in there, I knew they would come to the realization it was indeed a real Louis Vuitton wallet *cries.  

Oh yeah! So I've got into Air Jordans lately.  I only have two pairs so far: Bred 4s and Raptor 7s.  I'm planning to get the Cement 3s and the Grape 5s this year.  Then I think I would be done with 2 white sneakers and 2 black ones.  It's a rarity to find fashionable female sneaker heads with classy outfits... the typical outfits worn by the majority of female sneaker heads isn't really my style (i.e the ripped jeans, mid drift baring shifts, graphic print overloading tees, and the full on bra & panties shots aren't really my style).  Sure they may attract a lot of likes on Instagram (because that's what my sole purpose is in life *sarcasim) but I'm going to be a professional in the future.  So you may wonder why I don't really like to show my full face for particular photos...now you know!

With my Raptor 7s

My drawing of Air Jordan True Blue 3s


  1. Congrats on starting to work out and get fit again!! Body fat and image is also relative to your body type and genetics. I was at 10% BF and wasn't not ripped like that girl.. but probably because I don't really watch my eating! Anyway good luck and can't wait to read more fitness posts!!

  2. Great update! Love your new wallet!


  3. Thank you for posting your meals Kerri! I've been struggling with clean eating lately =( I've had no motivation to work out (I try running 2-3 times a week) so clean eating is my only hope ofgetting a flat stomach -_-


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