Friday, November 23, 2012

Blanche Macdonald Annual Fashion Design Show 2012

Intialed and I made our way to the Blanche Macdonald fashion show.  

What I'm wearing:

Forever 21 peplum jacket (similar), Wilfred lace tank, J Brand Agnes jeans (here), Ferragamo flats (here) and Balenciaga giant city bag (here).  For Initialed's outfit, please visit her blog.  

We snacked on cupcakes from Bake Sale Baking Co.  The red velvet was our favorite! 

Blanche Macdonald was offering 25% off their beauty products that night.  

We noticed the beautiful face lace - I think they were stickers or maybe temporary tattoos for your face. 

We mingled with the guests and spotted some familiar faces of some noted Vancouver bloggers.  That's where I bumped into The Starving Stylist.  I love his sense of style.  The photos on his blog are always beautifully taken.  You can tell his photos were methodically taken - even though the photo may be of random accessories are strewn about, the photo looks luxurious and artistic.

The set up of the fashion show was simple and beautiful.  It was a dark runway flanked with rows of clear "ghost chairs"

Photo credits to brentdjc

The collection was created by the 2012 graduates of Blanche Macdonald.  My camera was not very good so I did not have any good photos of the show.  I did manage to take this one.  I love the tattoo placement on the model.  

The following photos are press photos for Blanche Macdonald by Dela Cruz PR

These were my favorites of the show:



  1. I really love how the clothing isn't super crazy, it's actual stuff that everyday people would wear! Well, not evening gowns everyday but in the proper situation ahha.

    1. lol there was some more bohemian style clothing but the modern ones were my favorite :)

  2. Love your outfit with your new Bal! We should have cupcakes again soon!

    1. thanks my dear! omg, yes please! cupcake date after dec 13 :) till then i'm a boring hermit


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