Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Last Day of Summer

Well it was the last day of summer heat for us in Vancouver on Saturday.  My friend came down to White Rock to have some ice cream and to take some beautiful pictures.  I got some nice blog pictures during the process.  We only had one hour but we were quite productive within that one hour.

The sun's rays beaming through the clouds look so heavenly

The pier

She and I usually have adventurous tastes for food.  My friend got a ricotta cheese and pear flavor and I got lavender and honey.  Both tasted amazing.  I had a bad experience with a lavender ice cream once.  But this one didn't taste like soap!  As you can tell, I was impatient and I had to eat mine.  

My outfit for the day:

T. Babaton second skin tank (similar), Forever 21 shorts, Spring flip flops, 
Chloe sunglasses, and Balenciaga bag (similar)

This is my typical summer outfit.  I know, I'm a bore. 

My favorite and only light coloured bag that I own.  Balenciaga doesn't make the giant studs anymore.  I'm glad I got this colour combination before that particular hardware got discontinued.  The colour of my bag is Papyrus.  The colour can look different under certain lighting.  My friend's camera captured the true colour really well in the above photo.  It is a light taupe-grey colour.  

For a light coloured bag, this bag has held up very well with minimal staining.  There's no stains on the handles or the body of the bag.  However, there's very small blue jean marks on the back corners of the bag due to it rubbing against my jeans.  The blue dye eventually rubs off.  I don't use any sprays or leather protectants on this bag.  

Summer is my least favorite season to dress up for.  Everything is too short, too bright, too floral, and just overall too girly.  I am quite boring and I stick to blacks, neutrals and pale colours.  I prefer fall and winter clothes.  

* photo credits to Vanessa S.



  2. Love that light coloured Bal! I would have darkened it so much. lol

    1. LOL awww. i guess it's not for everybody. I had it for exactly one year and it's good through regular use miraculously.

  3. Kerri I love you blog, totally agree about Summer clothes being too tight, tiny, and bright! I'm looking forward to Fall layering and neutral hues as well =)

  4. Congratulations Kerri! Wishing you many more years of blogging!

    xo Jo


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