Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New York Trip pt 2

More photos!

at MoMA

I have so much more photos but I had to be super selective or else my post will be too long - which I think it already is. I definitely want to go back because I didn't get a chance to visit Brooklyn, Queens, Meatpacking District, Chelsea area and to eat at this Korean restaurant in Queens that does a mean seafood hot pot with a live squid on top. Yes - I know, that's messed up but I'm a very adventurous person.

This pie shop has savory and sweet pies. I've tried their thai curry chicken pie and holy it was good. The curry wasn't yellow, it was clear? With hints of coconut. Also I've tried two of their sweet pies. They had this flavorful ricotta and pear pie - so unique! Their lemon custard pie was so good too! The custard made the tiny pie pretty heavy and the lemon zest on top was candied.

The pulled pork waffle from the cart Wafel and Dinges that was featured on the show Eat Street. This waffle was really yummy. It had coleslaw and a red pickle on top. They also had another waffle called the Throwdown waffle. It was when Bobby Flay challenged the cooks of Wafels and Dinges and made his own waffle to try to beat Wafels and Dinges waffle. So the waffle was named after the show. The Throwdown waffle (not pictured) was really delicious. It had a caramelized syrup on it but it was a really interesting caramel.. almost hazelnut like in taste.

This was featured on a Food Network show as well. Russ & Daughters are known for having fresh cured fish items. I had their smoked salmon bagel and it was loaded with salmon! I had another bagel as well that had a caviar cream cheese spread.


Basically, all the places I've eaten at in New York was featured on the Food Network. If I wasn't a fashion blogger. I think I may have done a food blog. If you knew me personally, my personal Facebook has so many pictures of food on it!

Central Park was so beautiful

I went ice skating in Central Park! I wasn't allowed to take pictures while I was skating though.

I went to watch Wicked! It was such a touching and funny musical. I normally don't like musicals but I gave it a chance. Basically you just need to know the basics of the Wizard of Oz (there's a girl named Dorothy, red ruby slippers, a tin man, a lion, a scarecrow, a good witch and a bad witch - that's it!). It was about how the good witch, under unfortunate circumstances, became the "bad witch" and how the bad witch became the "good witch". I got amazing seats! I was 5 rows from the stage and just off center. It was so good that I cried. I know, how embarrassing.

I loved the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

This museum was more on the "fun" side because it has quirky

um okay..

ladies pantyhose filled with sand

Van Gogh's starry night

Monet's waterlilies painting. This painting was really faded in real life.

Looking at Manhattan from on top of Rockafellar Center at night

Looking at Manhattan on the Empire State building in the day

so many tall buildings

It was so windy up here!

They had awesome lunch and dinner menus as well

But I just came here for the famous frozen hot chocolate (right) and a lemon custard pie berry sundae. They had a $1000 sundae as well. But they need a 48hour reservation before they do that. It probably had gold flakes in it.

Woodbury Commons Outlet. The home of awesome designer outlets! I didn't buy much from here surprisingly. Most of the nice stuff were either in a huge or tiny size for shoes and clothes.

Grand Central Station. The subway is super efficient in NY. They have so many lines. The one week all you can ride pass was only $29. It's a great deal for tourists!

More posts to come about my New York shopping haul (which I know you are all waiting for!) and my favorite restaurant in NYC


  1. Watching the food network always makes me so hungry! Lucky you got to try a bunch of the yummy eats they featured before! :)

    1. i have way more pictures of food places i went to but i think i'll stop here or else it'll be like part 3,4,5 LOL... too many. but yeah. i love the places on the food network =) it's always an adventure

  2. Loved these 2 posts (and I can't wait to see your shopping haul!)...we lived in Manhattan for a year (in 2008) - and the food was UNBELIEVABLE, they really do have the best bagels there...and cupcakes...and street food! Also loved getting hotpots and heddabop in K-town.

    1. oh lucky! it's such a nice place. i wanna live here. but i hate the idea of fresh produce being so scarce and expensive. the food and pizza was amazing!!!! i agree. i wish i got the chance to visit K-town for hot pot.

  3. Ok...there's no WAY I'd eat a live squid!!! O.o
    NY is absolutely on my to-do list, when I'm rich though. Everything looks so expensive. It looks like you had a really fun time there!!

    1. awww no? lol i guess i'm a weirdo. most of my girl friends thought i was crazy and said it's in humane to watch food die infront of them. oh gosh. it was expensive-ish i guess. i spent just about $3000 for food, flight, hotel, shopping, attractions, transportation. i think it's that amount...i did have so much fun tho! i definitely go again. next time, i won't have to do the attractions.

    2. That's not too bad! But I'll pretty sure I'll go shopping crazy. I can't wait to see what you got.

  4. Looks like you had a great trip, and that waffle looks amazing! I've always wanted to visit New York, hopefully I'll be able to make a trip there within the next 2 years.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your photos Kerri! I can't wait for my trip to go... I definitely want to see Wicked and by small shoes do you mean size 5's?! Looks like you had a lot of fun, I forgot you went and was waiting for your blog to update!

    1. i totally advise getting the new york city pass for $89 and using the subway all week pass for $29. Wicked was so good! I highly recommend it! Yeah. I feel like there was lots of nice shoes in size 5. I was about to get these beautiful black Dior leather cannage peep toe pumps with chain and bow detailing but 7.5 was too small and 8.5 was too big and no size 8. They were only $295! sucks balls. The coach bus to and from the outlet cost $40 since it's super far. it's 1 hr to get there and 1hr to get back.

      Also, I highly recommend going to Katz Deli and Marea (for seafood). I'm going to be making a post on that latter restaurant since it was so mind blowing.

      Also don't venture to Queens and Brooklyn at night because it's sketchy.

      I didn't find Century 21 amazing. I actutally disliked it. I like Nordstrom Rack better. Century 21 was pretty junkie in my opinion and all the designer shoes were all weird and if they were nice, they were either over priced imo. DSW there sucked as well. There's a store called Strawberry that's like Forever 21 so cheap finds are nice =)

      Also Bloomingdales and Macys have a 10% off for visitors (i don't know what the exclusions were). But they both didn't have louboutin heels so i didn't bother to buy something else for the discount since i was set on getting shoes.

  6. Looks like fun! I visit New York quite often and I love it.


  7. The food look so delish! I saw the episode of eat street where they featured Wafel and Dinges. Did you try the Big Gay Ice Cream?

  8. Thanks for sharing your NYC photos! I've only ever been there once and really aching to go back. The food pictures are amazing and it's so fun to visit places featured on TV. Can't wait for your shopping haul ;)


  9. omg im so JELLLLLYY the food looks AMAZING


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