Friday, March 16, 2012

The Best Place I Ever Ate - Marea in NYC

So my favorite restaurant of all time is Marea in New York. It's close to Central Park (south side). It specializes in seafood done western style. The photographs are going to be low quality because it was dim and in a high class restaurant (so I didn't want to be all touristy and take photos of my food with flash and get death stares).

I'm super happy to consume my meal

Marea! Just take my money! Your service and dishes were amazing.

So I watched an episode of No Reservations and I fell in love with this place. I ate everything Anthony Bourdain ate. I'll link the episode on this post as well. So I ordered, the sea urchin (uni) appys.

Wow. The uni was so fresh and sweet. A sheet of lardo (fat) was wilted onto the uni under a little toast bite.

In between every meal we ordered, the waiter would bring us little dishes that were complimentary from the chef during every break we had. I thought that was such a splendid touch to my dining experience. This little treat was trout, with beet puree, and I forgot what that white stuff was and those little beads (lol sorry, it's been a week and I ate so much stuff that it's hard to remember everything 100%).

Lobster, basil, eggland and this certain type of cheese salad. So GOOD! I know you should never mix seafood and cheese (since it's a culinary faux pas) but it worked!'

The mains! We ordered the fusilli and spaghetti. Can you say holy moly uni and crab pasta?! AND bone marrow and octopus pasta! This is heaven...

Uni sauce with dungeness crab meat with spaghetti

Bone marrow and octopus pasta! the sauce was almost gravy like in texture... The little pockets of bone marrow just bursts in your mouth.

A little treat with grapefruit, greek yogurt, lemon zest and pomegranate beads.

We chose to eat the 3 servings of gelato

We chose: meyer lemon, brown butter and prickly pear. I'm really adventurous for food so you never see me picking generic flavors or dishes. The meyer lemon taste better than a real lemon. It was sweet, sour and bitter all in one. The middle one, brown butter was the one that stole the show. It tastes like it was a toasted caramel. Very fragrant...I wish I could eat this forever. Then prickly pear taste almost like a watermelon. It was very refreshing and crisp.

Another treat. Salted caramel chocolate and pomegranate jelly cubes. After we got our coats from coat check. We received a parting gift: a cute chocolate cupcake. This was the ultimate dinner experience.

To see Anthony Bourdain's experience at Marea, watch the video from 3:05-7:05. I also ate at DBBG restuarant (in the beginning of the video as well).

(I got this video on Youtube, it doesn't belong to me)

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  1. Everything looks sooooo delicious! New York is the next destination on my list to visit - I'll definitely try Marea! Really enjoyed your pictures :)

    xo Lori
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