Saturday, February 11, 2012

World Music and Fashion Festival Launch Party

I had the lovely experience of attending this PR event for WMFF with ohsovonnie, EmicablyYours, Just J and our plus ones. This event was held by Empress Communications at the new and trendy 0755 Restuarant and Lounge in Richmond (in the Pearl Castle complex area).

Vonnie, Emi and I at the media seats waiting for the fashion show to start

I managed to snap a few photos of my outfit before I started my early day with errands and volunteering. I initially wanted to wear new blue suede pumps to complete my primary colour look. But the pressure from a new snug shoe, rubbing against my deep healing cut, was still unbearable. So I stick with low 3 inch heels and taped a moleskin to the back of my heel.

Love Culture jacket, Forever 21 tank, T. Babaton Elliot skinny pants, Aldo pumps, and Chanel camellia WOC.

During this event, we listen to a band play, mingled, watched some videos about Shanghai Fashion Week, watched a fashion show by Orange NYC and indulged in some complimentary appys (melon balls with proschitto was my favorite), prosecco and tequila. Empress Communications is a PR, Marketing and Event management firm that establishes social and business relationships between China and Northern America. 0755 Restuarant and Lounge is a nice surprise in Richmond. It satisfies the niche, for Richmond residents, of a hip lounge if one doesn't want to drive all the way to Vancouver downtown for drinks. The restaurant's food is a fusion between Western and Asian cuisine - we had some frog legs here (tastes like chicken!).

The beautiful wall was the back drop for the band

Looking at the other dining area from the upper VIP level

There were sumos and buddhas everywhere!

Gimlet and Old Fashion. Our signature drinks.

Iconic people on our chopstick sheaths. No idea who the guy is.

I had such a great night with you girls!

It looks like we were in the middle of talking about something important but we were figuring out where to throw away our shrimp skewers haha!

The band practicing

The fashion show displayed a lot of crochet material and tulle

The 3 of us had to ninja our way to the cameramen area because we had a hard time photographing the models at the media seats.

It was neat how crochet was used for formal outfits.

I really like this entire look.

After the event, we went to Flo for some bubble tea and ice cream toast box (it was my first time!). Then we sang karaoke into the wee hours. Mine and ohsovonnie's plus ones got along real well and it was a fun night with great company.

Matcha ice cream and red bean toast box

Strawberry banana and condensed milk toast box


  1. This looked like lots of fun! :)

  2. Looks like a lot of fun and you all looked great! I've never been to Flo before, I'll have to suggest this to the boyfriend!

    1. u will love Flo! they are doing this promo till Feb 19.. a toast box and 2 bbt drinks for about $13.50! so cheap!

  3. OMG, I have never seen an ice cream toast box before but now I must try it! *drooling*

  4. My girlfriend asked me to model for her at that fashion show!! I said yes... and then changed my answer to no after haha. I'm too busy with school :(


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