Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kiehl's Private Event

I was invited to go to the Kiehl's Vancouver Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers private event by Maddy Loves on Sunday, February 26th after Metrotown Mall was closed.

This was my outfit to the event:

H&M lace top, T. Babaton Elliot pants, Chanel medium flap,
and Christian Louboutin Fifi 100 (similar)

We snacked on delicious goodies and sipped on crisp pinot blanc wine while we were educated on Kiehl's products and history. I never used any Kiehl's products before so I was very excited to know more about it. I learned that the company started off in New York as an Apothecary in 1951 and Kiehl's products were brought along the Mount Everest Expedition in the 1988. The presentation highlighted Kiehl's new product: Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. This solution clarifies uneven skin tone involving dark spots, UV exposure, and hyperpigmention. I was told it helps with my redness due to scarring from pimples. This solution contains extracts of white birch, peony and activated C complexes.

The yummy snack table

The cheese platter was my favorite. The cheese that has the funny veins tasted really good.

The asian rice wraps with peanut sauce.

Smoked salmon goodness.

Each of us had a specific appointment time with a consultant to determine our beauty needs. An oil test was performed on my forehead and cheeks to figure out what type of skin type I had. I thought I was oily but I guess I was normal.

Kiehl's products contain Squalane

I tried their 3 step (face wash, toner and moisturizer) regime for normal skin, their sunscreen face moisturizer, clearly corrective dark spot solution, lip balms, eye creams.... you name it.

In the end, I bought 2 items that I really needed: Lip Balm #1 and Midnight Recovery Eye Cream.

Kiehls was generous to give us all a pretty tin box that contained a full size of the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution and a sample of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate serum... along with other goodies to try!

I am very excited to incorporate these items into my beauty routine and I will review the products after a few weeks of constant use.

I would like to thank Kiehl's for having us and putting on this fun event.


  1. Looks like lots of fun! I can't wait to see your reviews, esepcially on the eye cream - my eye area needs some extra TLC to make up for my lack of sleep! :(

    1. omg me too. i have puffy and dark eye bags. probably genetics because of my mom but she got plastic surgery and removed them.... i hope i don't have to resort to that T_T

    2. I once tried finding a concealer @ MAC but the associates told me mine are 'shadows' that can't be covered up, so I'm not even sure if I can get rid of them! My eyes are definitely puffy though, let's hope none of us will ever have to go 'under the knife' for anything!

  2. Lucky you! The food looks good haha. I wonder what Squalane can do for my skin.

  3. I walked into Kiehl's last week and was impressed by their customer service! The store was empty, so the sales associate offered to try some products on me. However, I turned down her offer as the demo table is right in the middle of their store and I was not down to get my whole face washed :p

    1. yeah i'd hate to wash my entire make up off as well. they just did the stuff on my hands =)

  4. What a fun event!!! I love Kiehls - use their Avocado eye cream twice a day, everyday. I received a lot of deluxe samples from them last time they had a promo, so I'm excited to try them out.

  5. What a fun event! Do some reviews soon - I've always been super curious about Kiehl's products!

  6. sure thing girl =) maybe in a month so i can truely appreciate the effects


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