Friday, December 28, 2012

My Aritzia Favorites

It's Boxing Week and I've decided to share some of my ultimate favorite pieces that I own from Aritzia.  

Some of the pieces are marked down a bit. The markdowns aren't drastic, however, the reductions are better than nothing - if you really wanted a certain item that barely goes on sale.  I usually load up on my staples during the mid June private sale but sometimes I just can't wait that long and I cave.

Aritzia has 3 stages of mark downs.  However, you risk losing out on your size if you wait too long but the benefit is that the item is cheaper.  Usually the classic pieces do not get reduced by much but the seasonal items/seasonal colours undergo deeper cuts.  

Wilfred Balzac sweater on sale for $99 from $115. I love this sweater because it's made out of silk and cashmere. I usually lay it flat to dry on a drying rack to avoid dry cleaning it. Buy here

Talula Betty blouse $32-43 from $48. I have this in royal blue. Buy here

Wilfred Chevalier jacket $215 from $225.  It's such an effortless chic blazer. 
 I'm planning to get the cream one soon. Buy here


T. Babaton Elliot pants $65-85 from $95. I have this in the blue, black and grey.  They stretch out a bit which is annoying but they are really figure flatting. Buy here


Mackage Bessie coat for $399 from $490. I got this last year for $299. Such a great deal on Mackage. I love the shawl collar but it pills a lot so I have to defuzz it every now and then.  I'm sort of sick of my T. Babaton Howell coat, every girl and their  mom has it. Buy here

T. Babaton Finley blouse $85-99 from $115.  I love the cut of this silk blouse.  However, I hate steaming Aritzia's georgette silk items so I try to avoid buying these silk blouses. Buy here

T. Babaton Beekman sweater for $135 from $145. I bought this one during Boxing Day.  The sale for it was horrible but I didn't care because I wanted this anyways. I love this shawl cardigan because of the multi-tonal grey hues.  The shawl part almost makes it look like you are wearing a scarf.  Love the soft feeling of the cashmere. I'm planning to buy the beige one soon but I have a feeling it will be further reduced since it's not a popular colour as this grey one. Buy here


  1. I've been living in my balzac sweater for so long, I was so tempted to pick it up in another colour! The chevalier blazer is gorgeous, but the regular is too long and the cropped one just won't sit right on me :(

    Glad to see you're back blogging :D

  2. I've missed your blog posts!

    This post has totally inspired me to do my own aritzia favourite list =D

  3. Love that Mackage jacket! I would totally buy it if it went on further markdown. ;)


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